My Tips For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Have a clear position description

They are not mind-readers, nor are they on-demand to order you UberEats when you’re hangry.

  • Accounting and/or bookkeeping
  • Customer support
  • Email filtering
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO research and strategy
  • Website management

Find the right person

Consider different time zones

Say hello to my incredible VA Rachelle Tan (in the middle)! Rachelle is normally based in Manila but here we are face-to-face at Bali airport on the last day of our annual Avion team trip. It was great having you join us!

Ask the right questions

  • Their English skills
  • Their phone manner and perceived energy levels
  • Their internet connection — and what devices/systems they had as back-up in case it went down.

“Most aspiring VAs have great qualities but can be inexperienced. They are looking for opportunities to practice and show what they can do. Consider promising applicants with minimal or without experience.”

Be willing to put in the time

  1. I’d list priority tasks for Czarina to action every morning
  2. She’d cross them off throughout the day and submit the list back to me at 5pm
  3. We’d troubleshoot roadblocks and use the opportunity to build Czarina’s knowledge
  4. Czarina would also tell me exactly what she needed to fulfil her duties the next day.

Empower them with the right tools

  • A bird’s eye view of all client communication with Basecamp
  • A paid-for Skype number that could be used for calls, anywhere, anytime
  • A central hub for managing invoices with Harvest.
  • Communicating instantly through designated Slack channels
  • Recording utilization across the agency in Google sheets
  • Reconciling income and expenses via Xero reports and email queries.

Give them the opportunity to grow

“Show your VA the bigger picture, the plan, and how you can execute it.”

“VAs tend to stay with a company when they start feeling a sense of belonging. Despite the distance, they want to feel valued. A certain level of rapport gives them confidence to do more — and appreciation in return lasts a long time.”

Pay them on time at a reasonable rate

Treat the partnership with dignity and respect

“The biggest pitfalls for business owners include a lack of communication, unclear rules, and unrealistic expectations.”



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