I Didn’t Plan To Put My Life Of Hold. Thank God I Froze My Eggs.

  • If freezing your eggs is something you’re considering because 2020 has put your life on hold, I hope this article gives you some insight, helps you make a decision and sets the scene of what to expect.
  • If you’re part-way through the process but 2020 has put your ‘elective’ medical treatment on hold, I hope this article gives you a sense of community and reassurance you’re not alone.
  • If you’ve frozen your eggs already, I welcome you to add your comments below. While everyone’s experience is different, I wish I had more real-world information during my experience.

Making my decision

  • Do I feel ready to settle down? No.
  • Do I want to travel more? Yes.
  • Do I want children in the future? Maybe.
  • Do I think I’ll meet the right guy soon? Unlikely. (This was before I met my current partner James in May.)
  • Could I afford it? Well, another woman I’d met on vacation also considering the procedure said:

Facing the facts

Feeling overwhelmed

  1. You need to do hormone therapy as part of the process (this stimulates your ovaries to mature more than one juicy egg at a time)
  2. You need to start hormone therapy on exactly the first day of your period (or second, if bleeding starts after 12pm)
  3. You need to do this hormone therapy (which involves self-injecting 1–2 fertility drugs into your belly) at exactly the same time every day
  4. You need to do this for approximately 10–14 days (until your body decides it’s ripe)
  5. Your eggs need to be retrieved in theatre at exactly the right time (i.e. after 36 hours after your last shot).
  • “Why can’t I do it my way?”
  • “Is this really worth it?”
  • “Should I change my mind?”
  • “Why am I doing this again?”
  • “Do I want to have kids that badly?”
  • “Why am I still single?”
  • “Do I really work too much?”
  • “Are all my priorities wrong?”
  • “What do I even want in life?”

Taking time off work

  • ensure I was in a good position to take time off from work
  • sort out how I’d pay for the operation (clinics offer payment plans, FYI)
  • drink a lot less booze and eat a healthier diet
  • start taking pregnancy supplements like folic acid
  • figure out what I’d tell my parents.

Doing hormone therapy

My 10–14 days of hormone therapy involved a lot of blood tests and rest with my dog Ruby in between. I was extremely tired and emotional. I’m glad I took the time off work.

Operation and recovery

This is what I woke up to after surgery — the number of eggs the doctors retrieved while I was asleep.

Significance during the COVID-19 pandemic



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