Thank you to the 6 industry experts (and moderator Nina Muhleisen!) for sharing your hot predictions for tech in the next 3–5 years.

A Top Tech Trends Debate 2021 event report

Avion has always been a forward-thinking agency, passionate about emerging trends. For two years, I acted on the board of The Churchill Club — a collective dedicated to discussions about technology with strong ties to Silicon Valley.

I stepped down from my board position in 2019 to move to the…

Life is full of ups and downs. For me, the hardest part is accepting the paths it takes me on.

#LivingYourBestLife, right? Wrong.

Time and again, the phrase “living my best life” appears in my social media feeds in various forms, anchoring images similar to the one above. While it all sounds empowering, I’ve come to realize that reality is far from it. Why?

The “best” of anything implies one…

At Avion, Rhys Martin has grown from graduate to Head of Delivery. Unlocking staff motivation has been key to keeping staff engaged over time. Find out more in my article below.

I was recently listening to behavioral economist Dan Ariely talk about staff motivation. It challenged me to think about how much I know my employees: what drives them, what makes them happy, what pushes them to achieve more.

Contemplating, a few painful memories from my years in business promptly came…

Working by the beach VS waking up at for meetings at 5am. You win some, you lose some…

Forget the back-pats for business owners who are ahead of the curve. Give me the sleepless nights, the relationship breakdowns, the stress eating, and all the second thoughts. That’s what entrepreneurship really looks like.

In this short (but not-so-sweet) article I share a little insight on my erratic work schedule…

Natalie Khoo

How to do a stint on the other side of the world, build a business, cancel your wedding & not kill your partner during a global pandemic & more. 🇦🇺🇺🇸🇬🇧

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