12 Things I’ve Learned In 12 Years Of Business – And Surviving A Global Health Crisis

1. Be yourself — you’re no good at being anybody else

2. Know what your definition of success is

From suit jacket to snowboarding gear… Being able to change outfits on my schedule is what I call success.

3. Bring heart to your work and the rest will follow

4. You’ll never feel ready to hire that first employee

From me to we. I’m so proud to have a team of buddies — here are just a few of us in the office on our last day before Christmas 2018.

5. Hire on attitude, not aptitude — but set aside time to train

6. Managing people = emotional labour = self-care

Leading a team takes a lot of emotional work. But it can be rewarding if you know how to look after your own energy levels and remember to have fun.

7. Prepare to make less money as you grow

8. Invest in yourself

Here I am getting silly on the streets of Austin, Texas, during SXSW2019 festivities. Taking time out is a great way to reset.

9. Learn to let go. Really.

10. Don’t forget who you are outside of work

Stay connected to your passions outside of the office — these activities keep you balanced. As someone who loves the outdoors and conservation, here I am volunteering on a coral reef restoration project while in Mexico.

11. Things don’t always go your way — and that’s okay

12. Empathy trumps enterprise

  • Employers, please treat your employees with dignity and respect.
  • Salespeople, please only show us things that are relevant right now.
  • Business owners, please maintain an honest bond with your community.
Here’s a screenshot of an email apology I received from Toss Pizzeria after some disappointing pick-up. What I love is that you can hear a real human talking on the other side of the screen, thanking his customers for both their patience and business during this difficult time.



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